Our Approach to Solar

At Eden Renewables, we place the community at the heart of our solar developments. Our approach is holistic and we work to ensure that the people living and working near our solar farms receive the full benefits of locally generated, clean power. Here are the ways we achieve that:

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Helping Pollinators Thrive

Bees, birds and butterflies are extremely important for US food production, but have been in rapid decline for a generation. Our solar farms create wildflower meadows under and around the panels, providing a habitat rich in pollen and nectar, enabling a strong local pollinator population to thrive for the lifetime of the farm and support local agriculture. While many solar farms leave the land bare between the panels, we use it in a positive way to encourage better biodiversity and ecology. Read more and view our image gallery.

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Improving Air & Water Quality

The US relies mainly on coal and natural gas to generate electricity. Extracting and using these fossil fuels is expensive and is harmful to the air we breathe and water we drink. Solar power helps reduce carbon emissions while keeping our natural resources clean and healthy.

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Providing Educational Opportunities

We organize and fund field trips to our community solar farms so that children from local schools can learn about science, technology and energy generation. Additionally, the presence of a solar farm within the local area will raise awareness of renewable energy and may spark an increased interest in science, energy and environmental issues. Learn more.

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Creating Local Jobs

Where possible, we will employ local people and firms for development, construction, and ongoing maintenance of the land and solar farms. The industry is growing fast. According to The Solar Foundation, in 2018 New York State employed almost 10,000 people in solar jobs, ranking fourth overall.

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Giving Back to the Community

A community benefit fund or Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) will be established for the lifetime of each of our solar farm. This is likely to amount to several thousand dollars per year. We will work with each community to determine how this fund could bring economic, social and environmental benefits to the area.

In the last five years at our UK solar farms, community benefit projects have included: bringing fibre-optic Broadband to a remote village in Devon, making a real difference to the work and social lives of people in the area; funding rooftop solar panels for a local school so they benefit from clean power and lower bills; and providing a new tractor to help a small rural community with land maintenance. 

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Preserving the Rural Way of Life

Solar panels are installed on land leased from local farmers, providing them with an additional source of income. This helps protect farmers from the volatile nature of the agricultural industry. Our solar farms are also designed to enable sheep grazing around and between the panels, keeping the land in agricultural use. At the end of the project’s life cycle, all hardware is dismantled, removed and recycled, returning the farmland back to its original form.

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Making COMMUNITIES Greener

Our solar farms foster a sense of local environmental stewardship, making your community a greener, more sustainable place to live and work. Subscribing to our solar farm supports your local community as well as a clean energy future, bringing positive benefits for everyone.