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Why Choose Community Solar?

Eden Renewables is bringing low-cost natural power to households and small businesses across NY while making a positive impact on the local environment and communities. Based in Troy, NY, we’re currently developing community solar farms for the benefit of Upstate New York communities.

Our community solar farms will significantly reduce the cost of powering your home or place of business. Subscribers will receive the benefit of a guaranteed annual savings on their electric bills. See how it works.

We also place the community at the heart of our solar developments. Through our holistic approach, we work to ensure that local people living and working near our solar farms receive the benefits of locally generated, clean power. Read more about our approach.


Our Solar Projects




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Ready To Go Solar?

Going solar is easy. Joining one of our community solar farms is even easier. Simply complete the form and one of our solar specialists will get back to you to answer any of your questions — including how much money you’ll save — and walk you through the signup process.

You can also submit your request by phone at (518) 326-0259 or email at community@edenrenewables.com.


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