Claverack & Catskill Solar

Location: Claverack, NY - View map
Status: Under Development

Claverack Creek and Catskill View consists of two adjacent sites, each with a capacity of approximately 7.5 MWp, enough to power about 2,450 homes. The sites are average agricultural land with good opportunities for creating pollinator-friendly wildflower meadows and agricultural usage with sheep grazing.

A community benefit fund will be established for the lifetime of the solar farms to bring economic, social and environmental benefits to the community. Learn more about other benefits our solar farms bring to your area.

The sites will generate renewable electricity for 30 years, after which the solar panels can be completely dismantled and removed with minimal impact on the land.

Please keep checking this page for updates about this site.


Ready To Go Solar?

Claverack & Catskill Solar aren’t ready to generate energy just yet, but you can be added to the waiting list so that you can begin to save money as soon as the power is turned on. To reserve your spot, simply complete the form or contact us by phone at (518) 326-0259 or email at

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